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Abu Haneefah
Ladies and Gentlemen, any help will be appreciated although I don't expect much of a result and am resigned to taking the course.

I have received an NIP, I lost track of my speed late at night driving back from Newcastle and got caught speeding by a GATSO on the A1.

Here is the NIP.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Take your reg. number and reference out of the pic.

And complete the wizard so we have all the info.
Take the course if offered, what else can we say?

You don't seem to doubt the speed.
Indeed, doing a course looks like the best outcome. You do not dispute the speed, the limit cannot have been higher than 70, you got the NIP in time and you know you were driving, so it is cut and dried.

You left the registration number of your Mercedes visible. but it hardly matters in this case.
Abu Haneefah
Thanks everyone, I missed the Reg No.. posted it in a rush.
I didn't expect to get off really.

I have sent off the form.

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