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Full Version: Truvelo Confusion
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Driving last night in a 30 zone, and got flashed by a front facing Truvelo, I was doing around 36mph. I've been told that Truvelo cameras can't flash as they're front facing, yet I saw a single flash almost as bright as a Gatso, just with a purple tint.

This is the camera in question.

Does this mean I'm going to receive a NIP? And if I'm lucky, does anyone here live close to or drive past this camera regularly and know that it's run out of film or something? I'm just really nervous, thanks in advance.
Whoever told you they don't flash, is mistaken. They have a magenta filter to reduce the brightness of the flash...but they flash. You will have to wait 14 days to find out (assuming you are the RK etc.).
Aren't they digital storage?
BTW that site is just plain wrong, Travel cameras can use infra red but these are not approved to be used in the UK.

Can be either wet film or digital.
Almost certain you have been caught and will hear.

They most definitely work as 'front facing' and are approved as such.

They work by buried sensors that measure the speed (twice) and then calculates a delay to reach the corroboration marks on the floor and then a single photo is taken.
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