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Full Version: PCN on Holders Hill Gardens, NW4
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Hi all,

I received a very similar PCN on Holders Hill Gardens, NW4, on a weekend. No lines or other markings on the road whatsoever (see pics), nor any signs along the actual road where I parked.

There is no photo of any signage at the entrance of the road (possibly containing a valid/invalid date re: a Saracens match day) in the 'evidence' section of Barnet's site (where you log in to view/pay the PCN) - the Notice to Owner simply states that the contravention is: '16 Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit'.

Worth appealing I presume, mainly due to the woefully insufficient signage and complete lack of markings on the road? I feel pretty annoyed as I remember looking around for signage, and even scrutinising the road for faded lines/markings!

Many thanks in advance for any responses!
Mr Mustard
I am currently challenging two PCN in Holders Hill Gardens one of which was on 28/2/15 at 14:15 so probably given out by the same traffic warden.

In both cases the council have rejected the informal challenge that there were no marked out spaces on the road (so how can the car be in a permit space?) and that no signs were seen (although I know they are at the top of the road near to the junction with Holders Hill Road but my clients didn't see them). I also know that signage is not perfect at all the possible entry routes and that the council can never seem to prove the Event Day to the satisfaction of a PATAS adjudicator. This road is in a Past this Point zone so lines or other local signs are not needed.

Have you received the Notice to Owner yet? If you have you can make a challenge by email to
even though it doesn't say so on the Notice. You will get an acknowledgment.

We always like to see documents so a copy of the front of the PCN and the Notice to Owner would be nice.

I'm happy to add your PCN to my other ones (free of charge save for a charity donation) if you email me at

This year's results are, PCN completed 66 Cancelled 64.
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