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Full Version: PCN code 01 York
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Long time since I've had a ticket so here goes.

Parked up in York City Center this morning, I was working on top floor so had to unload a set of ladders and associated tools etc and take them up 4 floors.

Came back down to my fully sign written van and low and behold the parking Nazi's of York had slapped a ticket on me for presumably parking on a DY, street had restriction of Access for Loading / Unloading and Disabled Parking.
I was observed for 7 minutes then got the ticket issued, bearing in mind carrying everything up four floors etc should I just appeal informally on the grounds that I was unloading taking tools and equipment up to the top floors ?

I am presuming that being as it was a Bank Hol the restrictions we're not the same as weekday as the street in question you can unload / load down there till 10.30 am, my ticket was issued at 9.02 am.
Need to see the PCN and any signage in the area.
Generally, I would expect a loading exemption to exist with a Code 01 but let's see what we have please.

No on street signage, only signage was the auto ones for different times of day saying "Loading and Unloading Access and Disabled Parking" no time restrictions were displayed.

I was parked outside the Rituals shop.
Double yellows don't have signage. It looks a bit faded, but still clear if the GSV imagery is a reasonable approximation of the street as it stood on the material date.

Unloading is an exemption so will be your primary focus. Do NOT mention words like Nazi, slapped etc. it won't help your case. Nothing particularly wrong with a PCN after a 7 min obs. CEOs are not prescient. That's why you can challenge the PCN - you can provide evidence the council was unaware of at the time the PCN was issued.

Provide evidence of the job and stay away from insults and it should be painless and simple.

Edit - I wouldn't mention access for loading. That's to do with the no vehicles restriction on what is evidently a pedestrianised area. The police enforce that not the council. The fact you were loading at the time the PCN was issued is the key point you need to evidence.
I thought the PCN was ok.

I'm back there tomorrow so will have a good look at what other signage there is on the way into the pedestrianised area, though I don't think it'll be the same as weekdays access is allowed until 10.30am for loading / unloading.

Informally I was going to put :

Between 08.55 and 09.02 on 6/4/15 I was unloading equipment to the Republic store which included a set of ladders and tools to access the roof at the store, the job entailed carrying this equipment up to the fourth floor as there is no lift access to the upper floors.
Navigating up several flights of stairs and through numerous doors took longer than anticipated. After unloading the vehicle was moved to an appropriate car park.
The vehicle which is a fully signwritten company van, I would have hoped the CEO would have seen / realised I was in and out of the premises at the time, given I was on the top floor I was however longer than the observed 7 minutes.
I apologise for any inconvenience caused and would kindly ask that this PCN be cancelled on the grounds that I was at the time unloading at the store.
I'd cut out the phrase "I apologise for any inconvenience". You've nothing to apologise for - you're entitled to unload here. The rest seems fine, but it's a good idea to let a few more members cast their eye over it.
Reads okay.
DYLs is the contravention cited so loading is an exemption.
If they wanted to try for the pedestrian area, they should have, cannot change it now or use it against you.

Include proof of the job, worksheet, invoice, delivery note, whatever with any challenge.
Cheers icon_thumleft.gif
Update - Did on line appeal to Council stating I was unloading, initially they rejected the appeal stating they wanted a delivery note or invoice etc to further the appeal.
Had neither but had a job sheet from that day so sent that in stating times I was there on, heard back from them today - Ticket Cancelled on the grounds I was Unloading at the time smile.gif
Well done !! Another success for you and for advisers on this forum.
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