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Full Version: Two Offences on the same day in different cities
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The first offence committed was involved the use of a mobile phone and the second was on a country road in York which involved overtaking on solid white lines . For the second, I received a letter from the police detailing that they would not be taking any action but invited me to write to them with regards to why I carried out this offence. I was not stopped by the police. For the first offence, I was stopped by the police on the motorway and issued with a TOR.

Both of these offences occurred in different cities which are over 100 miles from each other. I have still not heard back from the police for the mobile phone offence and now it has been almost 28 days.

Will the fact I commited a second offence lead to any issues with the TOR. Will they consider it in decieding what to do? Do forces share information?
Since they are totally unrelated and different offences, i see no reason why one should have any effect on the other.

A follow up to a TOR can take between weeks and months. Providing they have your correct address, there's nothing you can do but wait and see what arrives in the post.
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