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Full Version: DART Charge PNC
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I passed more than a month ago through Dart crossing and I did not know about the new system. At the time I wondered why the booths were not working. Anyway, I did not know anything and I did not see any sign.

I received 3 days ago two PNC letters (for outward and inward journey on the same day) and they offered me to pay £2.5 per each PNC in 14 days to cancel them. I paid at one online and kept the receipts.

Now I have two questions:
-are PNCs really cancelled or should I do anything? Honestly, I am not trusting their systems
-Is there anyway to check whether they were cancelled and can I get any confirmation in writing from them?

I am Weasel
  1. Keep the receipt
  2. Keep the letter where they offer to let you settle each ticket for the original £2.50
  3. Stop worrying and get on with your life

If they subsequently try and pursue you after offering to cancel them provided you pay the £2.50 then they are bound to lose any adjudication. We have had a few people in similar situations and have not heard anything about penalties being levied if payment was promptly made

About 4 weeks ago I went over the crossing and forgot to pay by the deadline. When I remembered, I simply went to the website and paid for a single crossing albeit a couple of days late. I have heard nothing since
If you are that worried, call them up. Very pleasant people to talk to and it will put your mind at rest.
Thank you all for your help. Actually the reason for my worry is immigration matters and so I was looking for some confirmation that the PCNs were cancelled.

As you said I will give them a call

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