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First post here and appreciate any help given.

I went to visit someone today, there home is close to a town centre.

I went in and was there for maybe an hour or so, when I came out there was a parking fine on my window. I have been there twice and never seen a sign to say it was permit holders only - although im sure there is one somewhere.

Knocked back on the house I had been to see and they said its new and they completely forgot to give me a thing for my car (no idea if it is new or not - personally I dont think it is but I will take their word for it).

So I did have permission to park there and I now have one of their parking things for my window in my car which I could fill out and just say it fell on the floor but I dont really want to lie and get found out.

Just wondering what I should do and whether I am within my rights to appeal it.

If I was nipping into the town centre I would never have parked there as the car park is only 20p an hour and about half a mile closer to the shops - which is why I never even thought it might be an area for permits.
Please proceed in the tried and tested manner. Please post up scrubbed scans of the front and reverse of the PCN. Scrubbed = redact or obscure the PCN number and the vehicle reg. Please leave everything else visible.

Photos are fine. Please make sure the images are flat and well lit. Use close-up / macro mode if available. Try and have the images the right way up, some of the members won't even try and read them if they are sideways. Don't try and re-size the images, let the forum software handle that.

Some judiciously cut up pieces of paper, eg post-it note, are good for obscuring. Please leave visible all time, date, location and council info.

A basic search on the forum would tell you how to post images. However please open a free of charge basic account on somewhere like or or similar. I use tinypic without complaint. There are numerous others. Log in and upload your scans, photos etc. Copy and paste the provide IMG links into your posts on here. Et voilà!
Not sure if this will work?

Mad Mick V
Sign at the entrance of Bold Street:-,-2...#33;6m1!1e1

Thanks, I never doubted there would be a sign- just that I never seen it.
The reason I never noticed it (im assuming) was because there was breakdown van loading a car on to the back of it as I got there parked partially across the road (Bold st and into the parking bay - including acrossthe double yellows). I know that is not an excuse any council will accept as there is no way of proving it.

Can I also ask - if I pay the £35 in the meantime whilst appealing it - is that likely to get refunded if they agree that the ticket can be cancelled?

If I have done something wrong I will accept the punishment but my only real crime was not displaying a ticket I knew nothing about.
If you pay the £35 within the discount window the case will be closed. So there will be no refund.

The contravention alleged was "Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit".

Most councils will re-offer the discount if they refuse a challenge that's received within the discount window. It's says something similar on the reverse of the PCN. So not guaranteed they will in this case, but highly likely.

So you have a risk free challenge. You might as well have a go. Tell them you were unaware of the new residents' parking zone. That you did not see the sign as it was blocked by a breakdown truck etc. Terribly sorry, first offence, there was no intent to evade a parking charge, won't do it again, etc etc. Please use your power of discretion to cancel the PCN. See what comes back.
thanks for the replies.

Just edited as realisedI had not removed my reg on both parts of the ticket.
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