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Full Version: Never Seen PCN, now Northampton Court!
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Hey guys,

Thanks for your help in the past.

I currently have a situation where the following has happened:

31/08/14 - Moved out of house 1
06/09/14 - Went on holiday out of country (car left in UK)
10/09/14 - Apparently a PCN was issued to house 1 - never saw it.
21/09/14 - Returned from holiday
01/10/14 - Moved into house 2
03/10/14 - Date of issue for new DVLA license to house 2
10/11/14 - Pre-debt warning was issued to house 1
09/12/14 - Matter referred to court, letter sent to house 1
10/12/14 - I found pre-debt warning at house 1

I did go to house 1 to try and collect mail on several occasions but no original PCN was found. I do not know the date of alleged offence, I called Wandsworth and they passed me to the court, I now need to make a sworn statement (PE3) to say that the case should not have been referred to the court.

Any thoughts? I have ticked the following box (only 3 available!!)

I did not receive the:
-Notice to Owner (Parking contravention) or
-Enforcement Notice (Bus lane contravention) or
-Penalty Charge Notice (Moving Traffic contravention or Congestion Charging contravention)


What do you mean by DVLA licence - the V5 for the car ?

When did you inform DVLA of the new address ?

Not relevant for now but is it possible that somebody else used your car while you were away ?
The contravention and its date?

What is the 'letter' of 9 Dec?

By DVLA licence I mean the Photocard and Counterpart license - I have not got around to changing the V5 yet

I think that the contravention may have occurred before 06/09, but the date of PCN issue is 10/09. No-one else would have used my car.


I do not currently know that date of contravention, but from my telephone call it was a right turn contravention (the telephone operator commented that right turns were 'particularly frequent' at the location where they have the camera).

I was informed that the letter was from the court, and had a PE3 form attached to contest. I contacted the court and they pinged one to me by email, to save me from going back to house 1.


So your V5 still shows the address of House 1 four months later, plus you apparently have no mail re-direction arrangements. I find it hard to believe you have been so tardy in updating key documents after a house move. Frankly, is it any wonder you are in the situation you find yourself in ?

Anyway, to get back to basics, for a moving traffic contravention which you seem to have committed from what you say, the PCN acts as a Notice to Owner, there is no separate issue of a NtO. So if you don't get the PCN, the next document is the Charge Certificate, then an Order for Recovery, then if no payment is made, bailiffs can be instructed.

You really must post up what documents you do have, otherwise we're all in the dark here.
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