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Full Version: Help Appealing Notice of Rejection
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Hello all,

Parked my car on the 12th of August where the red circle is drawn in the second image. No cones or road signs were present apart from the Suspended Notice from RBKC. The signs and cones shown were placed after my car had been taken, even though they had started work by the time I arrived to park. I did read the suspended notice but thought I was in the clear because:

a) I was parked outside house number 75

b) Numbers to indicate house 73 were faded and obscured (as shown in image)

Turns out my car was partially parked outside the window to house 73. The council removed my car and I paid ~£260 (penalty + removal fee).

Made an appeal on the basis that there was no way to tell that I was partially parked outside the window to house 73 due to faded/obscured house numbering and the presence of construction hoarding to the far left.

This was rejected and I was told it is up to the driver to work out which window belongs to which house when the doors aren't clearly numbered or the numbers are faded/obscured.

Would greatly appreciate any help and advice. I do have a further Notice of Appeal form to fill out with the possibility of having a personal hearing or postal decision.

Many thanks,

1. Do you know whether the bay window to the left of the front door to no. 75 belongs to no. 75 or no. 73?

2. Please be honest here, could you see the number 73 on the door/doorway? We can't tell from your photo.

2. If not, to what lengths is a motorist required to go to establish the postal address of a house which is not numbered, or are they supposed to calculate/deduce by finding the next numbered property to the left or right and counting back?

Pl post you reps and the authority's response. See FAQs.
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