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Full Version: 2 NIPs in 1 week - help!
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Noob here so please be gentle.

Looking for some advice - have had a clean licence for about 5 years, but got a NIP a couple of weeks back for doing 53 in a 40. I have been doing the same journey home for 20 years and never had a ticket here (turns out they 'upgraded a traffic light camera to light + speed in 2010), but recently got a NIP - sent to wife as was driving her car at the time. Returned the form dobbing me in hoping to get a Speed Awareness Course option given good recent record. This didn't happen, I got a 3 point +£100 offer.

Unfortunately, while that was going on I received a SECOND NIP (again, via the wife) for 55 at the SAME 40 light (they say lightning never strikes twice?) - this is before I had a chance to figure out where I had transgressed the first time. I have not yet returned this form, but had the following questions:

1) Can I REQUEST a SAC for the 1st offence, or does it have to be offered?
2) Will the second offence be treated more severely now as it is so close to the first, or should I send the 2nd back straight away before the first points hit my licence and get maybe a second 3 point + £100 offer?
3) Will any old (10 years ago) offences be borne in mind or will they treat these 2 as new versus a clean licence?
4) Any other advice?

I feel like an idiot, but want to limit the damage here so any advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

If no SAC was offered then you aren't going to get one now. The second offence will be treated on its own merits and will get another 3 points and £100.
As above. The SAC is offered if eligible - if you've already paid the fine/sent licence you have accepted the FPN offer and it's closed. The 2nd at higher speed won't get an SAC offer anyway it's a further 3 points and another £100..........

Most on here have 'been there' so don't take it too badly!
53 in a 40 is the upper limit for an SAC so it is surprising you did not get that offer, could be worth a phone call to ask why not if you have not already actioned the FPN (unless it was in Scotland of course where you do not get an SAC)
The only criteria for an SAC are the speed and not having done one in the last 3 years, your history does not come into it. Similarly if you are within the range for an FPN and accepting it would not put you on 12 or more points, then that is what you should get.
Just a logistical note about the conditional offer. Watch the timings as you need to send your licence so it needs to be returned from the 1st offence first...
Thanks all, really appreciate your feedback.

So on the timings etc, should I take my medicine on the 1st, and delay admitting to the second as long as possible so I have my licence back for the second, or should I confess the 2nd and get my offer of another lot of 3 points and £100 before the first is confirmed / on my record?

I guess the only benefit of the second route would be if there was a chance that the second offence would be treated differently based on whether or not the 1st is already recorded?

And I double-checked, first was 54 in a 40, second 55, so just outside of the SAC parameters... :-(
The only beneficial effect of using up nearly all the 28 days for the second NIP is to delay payment? There presumably will be no SAC offer so it's 'only' £100 and another 3 points anyway. There's no difference in treatment due to the first unless you have 6 points or more already.
The 2nd offence won't be treated any different...
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