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Full Version: Oh Dear, VCS in Nottingham shenaningans - report in local paper
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In sumary, builder parks up on a street in Nottingham, didnt realise this was a private road, VCS issue parking charge for £100.
Builders company disagrees with this saying the VCS have no contract, and take it to POPLA.
POLA uphold the appeal, VCS winge and moan.

Full article here

quotes form the article:

PARKING in the Lace Market has led to a David and Goliath battle between a local business and a private parking firm.
A city centre builder was hit with a £100 fine for parking on Plumptre Place, just off Stoney Street, back in May.
The ticket was given to the employee of Joe’s Electrical Services – who did not want to be named – by Vehicle Control Services Ltd, which claims to have jurisdiction over parking on the private road.
“I didn't see any signs to say it was private and no double yellow lines, so I thought I was ok to park there,” he said.


“I wasn’t happy with being hit with such a huge fine and I wanted to find out why it had happened, and if I had rights to appeal.”
The building firm got their lawyers on the case to look into the ticket further, but discovered there was a big question mark hanging over the company’s right to hand out fines in the first place.
According to the lawyers, Vehicle Control Services Ltd hadn't had the contract to give out tickets on the street since 1998.

And from POPLA
Nadesh Karunairetnam, an assessor at POPLA, then concluded: “I must find that the operator has failed to produce sufficient evidence to refute the appellant’s submission that it did not have authority to issue a parking charge notice.
“Accordingly, I must allow the appeal.”

Que winging and moaning from VCS
But Vehicle Control Services Ltd is now ready to fight back, claiming the contract rolled over every 12 months and they were still in charge until the landowner terminated the deal.
A spokesman for the company said: “POPLA's decision is totally incorrect, as the adjudicator has overlooked the relevant explicit clause detailed in the contract, as highlighted in our evidence.
“We have brought the matter to the attention of POPLA and await their retraction.”
Both parties are now waiting for the result.
Have you ever been fined by a private company? Let us know in the comments

Full article with miss- guided reader comments here

Anyone know the Nottingham area?
Either way still doesn't sound like a genuine pre-estimate of their loss flowing from an alleged breach of contract... wink.gif
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