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Full Version: M42/M6 North Bound
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Martin 250
There are currently road works in this area.
There is a mandatory 50mph then it changes to national speed limit sign in the variable limit??
This sign is between two sets of cameras so if gantry states 40 then the sign states national speed limit, but then next camera states 40 again. What are they playing at? Is this legal to expect someone to break safely after accelerating??

Next question, do the gantry cameras flash once or twice?

Drivers are expected to look ahead and drive according to what they see.

The posted limit is a maximum, not a target speed to be achived at any and every time.

It is almost always easy to see the next gantry many 100s of metres ahead, so why not back off in aticipation of arriving at the limit instead of smoking the brakes as you pass it.
The Rookie
Well it's poor practice to do what they did, it's not actually wrong.

What has caused bigger issues in the roadworks is where the variable limit showed a higher one that the 50 for the roadworks.
Martin 250
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