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Full Version: 47 in a 30
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I'll give some background on this.

Wife was on her way to a doctors appointment with baby covered in a rash, baby starts screaming hysterically so wife looks for safe place to stop which is about 800 yards.

She panicked and put her foot to get there quicker.

Wife suffers from postnatal depression so can't handle those situations.

She was waved down by the police told her she was doing 47 in a 30.

The copper said 'whoa what's wrong with her' my wife explained why.

She was given a yellow slip

What is she facing?

This is her first offence
£100 fine and 3 points.

The 'circumstances' won't provide a defence as other road users come into consideration in all but the gravest situations. Be careful if you try any illness of your partner that you don't open a door in respect of her ability to drive.............
The Rookie
How did the Police measure her speed? using a device like a laser or via a follow check?
I'm not sure all I know was it was a black insignia sitting in a layby/verge and the copper waved her in.
I'll look at her in board camera tonight.
The Rookie
If it was a follow check, I'd suggest she may have been speeding for a bit more than 800 yards!
QUOTE (The Rookie @ Wed, 30 Jul 2014 - 16:10) *
If it was a follow check, I'd suggest she may have been speeding for a bit more than 800 yards!

They sat in a layby no follow.
They pulled another four while they were speaking to my wife.
The Rookie
Which sounds like ones person operating a device and others doing the she may have been pinged some way before the stop, hard to tell from chinese whispers.
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