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Full Version: yellow box junction on Ludgate Hill
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Hi,i'm a cab driver in central London and new on this forum,having had a pcn before,i can understand drivers doing things wrong and being caught out,but i received this pcn through the post today,it states and show a black cab in the middle of the box junction,and is asking for the fine to be paid by 14 days!!!.....ok i understand there is a black cab in the middle of the box junction as it shows in the tiny thumbnail picture that was on the pcn,upon further investigation and to my amazement i am the cabbie on the right of the picture stopped at the start of the box jucntion,i really feel thee picture on the pcn is totally misleading,also on watching the cctv footage i am seen clearly trying to adhere to the traffic rules and i am only ever so slightly on the box junction....if i had not gotten online to check these pictures out i thought i was the cab on the box junction as shown,looking closely i am on the box junction by a matter of inches,i am not causing ant obstructions and can clearly be seen slowing down and stopping to which i thought was safetly acceptable.

Any advice or criticism would be appreciated,if i'm in the wrong i'll hold my hands up to it,but it looks like a bored cctv smart car driver thought this was acceptable,i personally think he's over zealous.Hopefully i've attached the pcn and if anyone wants to view the cctv footage via the goverment website your more than welcome.


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Mad Mick V
Always appeal.

Your exit appears clear from the photo, it appears to be three lanes, so why would you stop in the box?
Exactly the same as the cabbie going in the opposite direction, he can overtake the bus and I suppose you could overtake the van.

The contravention is:-
no person shall cause a vehicle to enter the box junction so that the vehicle has to stop within the box junction due to the presence of stationary vehicles.

Ask to see the video.

Cheers mate,i'll defo appeal,i think this is a con!!!
I would say a clear case of 'de minimis'
Enter Case Reference: 2140246972, or 2140246407
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