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Full Version: Would I get NIP for this camera?
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Was over the limit and driving towards the camera (left lane in the Street View link below):,-2...3VvTKEg!2e0

I read that Gatso are only for rear and not incoming traffic, so why are both lanes marked? Or is this camera a Truvelo?
That is a Gatso, which is not type approved for oncoming traffic, so you should not get a NIP if it flashed as you were driving towards it. They may have marked both carriageways in case anyone pulls out to overtake a stationary bus at the stop and is speeding.
However, be ready for our resident SCP apologist to drop in to say that type approval doesn't matter if they don't want to use a s. 20 certificate and it's admissible real evidence either by witness or s. 9 statement. Whilst that might be true it just doesn't happen.
The Rookie
QUOTE (southpaw82 @ Thu, 10 Jul 2014 - 00:13) *
However, be ready for our resident SCP apologist

More like an evangelist than an apologist I would say!
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