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Full Version: PCN on suspended bay
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I parked in nile street n8 whilst attending an appointment in the nearby morfields hospital. For some sort of reason i misread the suspended sign. As it stated month june to july, to which i thought was the upcoming june and not a whole year ago june 13 to july 14.
I even paid 3 times during my stay, by rushing out of the hospital to top up.
Whilst reading a previous blog, it seems that i might have grounds of appeal against the council.
As i cant seem to find the permission granted for this suspension. Also the times don't match the council times on post. And suspension is for more then 6 months.

Can someone please give me some guidance.


This is the only one i found in 2013 for suspended bay

Mad Mick V
That's the wrong suspension sign you've noted. Hackney has two for some reason and this is the authorisation for the one in the photo:-

Still does not allow in excess of six months so reps on this basis should be instigated.

Thank you very much,
But the one you noted is signed in 2011, does it apply for all suspensions of parking bays or is it specific for the road in question?

So i will appeal on the basis of it being over 6 months?
Mad Mick V
Just means that Hackney have two signs to choose from since both are extant on the DfT database.

I think they are interchangeable since neither has any particular characteristics which would require it to be used in special circumstances.

The two recent Hackney suspension cases, which you are aware of, noted the six month glitch; so it is worth putting in reps on that basis.

I wrote the council on the basis that the suspension was illegal as it was over 6 months. I received today this reply.

Thanks to all! Specially Mad Mick V!
Yay well done - makes you wonder how many other people have just paid over the past year though.
Well done
And hats off to Mick
PCN correctly given, my rear end.
I wonder whether the sign is still there, any takers?
I have another appointment at the Morfields eye hospital this wednesday, going to check if the sign is still there. Might park there again this time if i dont find another bay! biggrin.gif
Take a dog, too.
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