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Full Version: Aldi car park Stevenage
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I've been advised to post on this forum regarding an unfair parking charge imposed by Stevenage Borough Council in relation to the Aldi store car park in Stevenage Town Centre. On 24 May (saturday) I parked in this car park, which provides for two hours' free parking if using the shop and getting the chip coin validated at the tills. I parked for 1hr 40 minutes, had my chip coin validated but the exit barrier machine wouldnt accept it and informed me I needed to pay to exit. There are no staff on site who have any responsibility for this car park or its machinery. Instead there is an intercom facility accessed by pressing a help button on the machines. The person answering is a member of the local authority staff, nothing to do with Aldi whatsoever. I explained my predicament and was greeted by the most insulting, rude and aggressively nasty person on earth who basically accused me of lying and told me that I would have to pay £7 to exit. I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to sort the problem out, having to manoeuvre away from the barrier in my car and go back and forth to the store who finally suggested I go to the other side of the car park to the payment machine where it would tell me how long I'd been in the car park. By the time I did this I had been there exactly 2 hrs 3 mins, including the 20 minutes trying to get the very rude council employee to assist and who kept cutting the conversation off. I explained to her again that whilst I was now 3 minutes over the 2 hr limit, I'd actually spoken to her over 15 minutes previously, at which time I certainly wasn't over the limit. She repeatedly just shouted that I'd had a 'more than generous two hour limit that I hadnt stayed within and I should just shut up and pay the money'. I had no cash on me, the machine card payment facility isn't working (and never had done apparently) and she would offer no other assistance. Thank God for a good samaritan member of the public who lent me money to pay to get out of the car park. I will be taking this further, specifically to lodge a serious formal complaint against her absolute unacceptable behaviour and to try to claim back my unfair payment of £7. If there is anyone on this forum who has experienced a similar problem with this particular car park or local authority, please do let me know.

What makes U tink it is a cuncil employee?
How do you know it is Stevenage Borough Council ?? Please post a photo or something of the car park like the notice about parking. Did you find out where the other end of the intercom at the exit of the carpark is ? This person needs to be confronted, and if found be be acting as you say they did, sacked.
Neil B
If it helps anyone undertsand this weird situation >>

Sounds like Parking Eye employees have a job waiting for them after all.... biggrin.gif
OP definitely needs to complain about the disgraceful attitude of the person on the intercom. If no joy, involve the local press/papers
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