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Full Version: PCN issued on Bank Holiday
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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post but would really like some advice on my problem.

On the 21st of April (Easter Monday) I parked in a Solo Motorcycle bay in Westminster. On their website they stated that Easter Friday and Monday is a Bank Holiday and Sunday rules apply. I have been parking in the same area in the last 6 years and have never received a ticket parking in that spot after 7pm or on Sundays all day also on Bank Holidays. I have parked there on Friday and I didn't get a ticket so I challenged it but they have rejected it. Now here comes the fun bit, just this Monday was also a Bank holiday Monday (5th of May) and I didn't dare to park there again but I saw 8 cars parked in the solo motorcycle bays along with a colleague of mine who didn't know I've got a ticket there just 2 weeks before. None of those cars had a ticket on them and when we finished work (we did the exact same shift, same hours) she did not receive a ticket.
So my question is how can Westminster City Council pick and choose which bank holiday they will give out penalties and which they will not?! It was both a Monday with the same rules stated on their website about parking restrictions.

After my first challenge have been rejected is there any point doing another challenge on their website or shall I wait for the NTO or shall I just pay the £65 fine which is blood boiling?! I saw that I could send a written representation by post too but do I have to wait for the NTO or it can be done anytime?
I'm extremely annoyed with the fact that two weeks later in the same situations people didn't get a ticket. Do I have a case here and does it worth the hassle?

Many thanks for all the help and advice you can give

Ps: I'm posting through my phone. Not sure how I can add pictures yet. Read the instructions but sounds complicated.
Michael Gibson
QUOTE (adrino @ Wed, 7 May 2014 - 15:49) *
I have parked there on Friday and I didn't get a ticket so I challenged it but they have rejected it. .

So you haven't got a ticket?
Not for Easter Friday. I've got a ticket on Easter Monday.
We need to see the PCN and the signs at the place you parked.
Plus any other correspondence.... just blank out personal details.

From what you say it seems wierd.
As for others not getting a PCN, doesn't matter, sorry.
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