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Full Version: Urgent Help Required for PCN Contravention 62J
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Stud Missile

Would appreciate some urgent help on this issue please as my deadline for appealing this PCN is just hours from expiring.
I was recently visiting a local hospital (St Helier in Carshalton) and parked on a nearby street. Days later and to my horror,
I received a PCN from Sutton Council stating that I had been guilty of the following parking regulation:

Contravention Code: 62J Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway.

Naturally, I was rather peeved to receive this PCN as I did not believe I had caused any contravention at all and these are
therefore the main grounds for me wishing to challenge this PCN:

1) Due to the narrowness of that particular stretch of road, just about every single vehicle parked on that road has to do so
with two wheels on the pavement. Anything else other than that would practically cause a road blockage.

2) I believe that my vehicle was parked reasonably and did not restrict or inhibit pedestrian access in any way.

3) The signage erected a few metres away from my vehicle only instructs motorists to park in marked bays but crucially,
does not state that parking on that road is restricted to marked bays only.

4} There were no road markings (yellow lines, red lines, etc) or other form of parking restriction on any part of the road
where my vehicle was parked.

5) I have documentary evidence in the form of a letter from St Helier, confirming my claim that I was visiting the hospital
as an A&E patient at the time of the alleged contravention.

Do the above points give me good grounds for a successful appeal? I would really appreciate some prompt advice and feedback
on this please. I have provided copies of the council’s images of the alleged contravention and also of the nearby parking sign.

Thank you.
Would help if we could see the pcn.

If nothing else, challenge before end of deadline and we then deal with rejection and appeal to adjudication.

But we may have more valid points from pcn wording
Which states IIRC they they accept all challenges!
Neil B
Need it to understand dates for a start - cos apparently this is urgent?
Sorry, my bad. I meant the one with the sticky stuff on it. Perhaps it is like this?:

If so, there are wording issues - depending upon which adjudicator one has at PATAS, of course.
Firstly you have nothing to lose by appealing but I've done it on the website (in my case the local council website) as it goes through immediately and they can't blame the post. Secondly, I have been told by a traffic warden that if there are bins or other such obstacles on the pavement you can be blamed for restricting the width of the pavement and obstructing pedestrians but as far as I know that's the only reason why parking on the pavement as you have done cd be wrong. Surely that's what the sign in your picture says? So unless you were over a driveway or there was another obstacle on the pavement we can't see, looks like you've got an argument. If we don't challenge these things, nothing will ever change. Good luck.
Stud Missile
QUOTE (DancingDad @ Mon, 5 May 2014 - 12:16) *
Would help if we could see the pcn.

If nothing else, challenge before end of deadline and we then deal with rejection and appeal to adjudication.

But we may have more valid points from pcn wording

@DancingDad, thanks very much for your response. Please see a scanned copy of the PCN in my latest post below
Stud Missile
Well folks, in the end I simply decided to pay the fine and move on. Not worth letting the council or their PCNs cause me any more grief.
Thanks for all the helpful advice.
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