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Full Version: Parking tickets for parking outside my own house
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Hi there,

New to this forum and was recommended to come here smile.gif

Basically, my issue is this - I have a yellow line outside my house where your not allowed to park outside between the hours of 8.30am-1pm, we have this i guess because i live about a 10-15 min walk to the tube station and it was probably put there to deter people leaving their cars there and walking to the station whilst this didnt actually cause much issues with the local folk the council put yellow lines on our street without consulting us and if you go about 50 yards up the road from my house the yellow line actually stops, the street is this >,-0...Sx4tI4Q!2e0 it's a quiet residential road especially in the mornings, due to a car that is SORN and parked in my usual parking spot in the driveway i have to make do and park outside the house.

I usually leave for work about 8am so not really a problem most days but a couple of times i've overslept and received a parking ticket around 9.15am and around 3 times i've left something at home where i parked outside my house to run back inside to get it and come back to a parking ticket, it's quite ridiculous now and im fed up with paying these people, our household contributes alot to the council and im fed up of lining their pockets for the privilege of parking outside my own house! Now i would get it if this road was busy and blocked by cars parking on the side of the road and thus became a nuisance for road users but it's completely not like that, as i've said before just a normal quite residential road for opportunist parking wardens to make money from me!

So far i've received about 10 tickets in total, the last 3 i've challenged because i feel i have a case here... can anyone help? do i actually have a case?

On what you've said, PCNs are being issued legitimately but post up the last one and we can take a look see at wording.

If you pop back in to collect something, you can always claim loading exemption.. Big boxes that require the car parked outside are good.

If the restriction is causing problems to residents, if enough of you get onto the council, you could get the time changed. To stop commuter parking they only need an hour mid morning.
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