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Full Version: Pleaded guilty, but heard nothing...time limit?
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Hi all, great site.
Have had a quick look and can't find my situation anywhere, sorry if it's a repeat though!

In November I was caught twice in a week by cameras, and received two letters (after they had been given my details by my employer as I was in their car).

I pleaded guilty to both, and sent both forms back in the same envelope.

Within a week I received a letter for one offence, offering the fixed penalty, or the speed awareness course. I booked on the course and have since taken this.

However, I have yet to receive anything back for the 2nd offence, which I find very strange. Is there a deadline when the other incident becomes "outdated"?

Surely if they hadn't noticed there were two forms in my envelope they'd have been in touch about me not replying? And I can't believe their computer allows someone to see "Awww he's had two tickets within a week, we'll let him off one of them"!

It's been over 3 months now and am obviously thinking I may have "Got away with it"

Anyone got any ideas, or had a similar experience?

Technically you did not plead guilty - that only applies to court.

If I was you I would contact them asap to confirm. They may not have processed your nomination correctly and the next you'll hear is a court summons - possibly for failing to furnish. (Although you appear to have satisfied the requirement you would want to avoid the inevitable hassle - see this thread for example).

Of course, you could just keep schtumm and see... They have to lay particulars with a court within 6 months of the offence. (Failing to furnish will be 28 days after the request was made)
Thanks for the reply.

I have been tempted to contact them, but if there's been a hold up or admin error on their part I don't really want to draw their attention to it?

And I would have thought a summons for failing to furnish would have come about a lot quicker than this! So 6 months from the date of offence is when I can consider myself "off the hook", you say? 2 long months if I keep schtumm!

*edit* Just read the thread you linked to...ouch, I see why you suggest contacting them!
Unfortunately the summons often arrive just when you think they've missed the deadline...

There's no easy answer. It might timeout or a summons will turn up.
Thanks again. It seems crazy that no reminder or anything has been sent but as turnbulltj's farcical situation shows, it's nothing new!

Have there been examples of these things "timing out" for seemingly no reason? As this is obviously the ideal outcome
What was the speed and limit?

The reason why I ask is the speed you were caught at might be too high for a cofp/sac and might have gone straight to summons.....
That's true - 20/25mph over the limit could be straight to summons.
The Rookie
Most forces, but not all, send reminders if no reply is received.

No they won't just drop one because you have had 2!

Thanks all. Just found the one they did send back and that was for a 36 in 30.
If I recall correctly the missing one was for 69 in a 50 on the motorway.

Am in Kent, the local TEO don't usually hang about!
That's CoFP territory - shouldn't be a summons.

69 in a 50 is in the 4-6 points territory though (Rather than 3) at court. There are guidelines that could be imposed by the court that are equivalent to a fixed penalty for an 'administrative' reason.
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