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Full Version: M1 Gantry Speed Camera
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Hi all,

I was driving on the M1 last night in the heavy rain and fairly sure I got flashed by one of the overhead gantry cameras. There was a van in front of me and car behind me travelling the same speed that didn't seem to get flashed.

My issue is that I was going approx 45MPH in what I am certain was a 50MPH limit - it was as I went under the gantry and lost sight of the sign I.e. 1/2 seconds. My only thought is it may of changed to 40 just as i went under and lost sight of it, as the next gantry was set at 40mph.

What I'm wondering is - could the limit have changed as I went under the gantry? If so, would it still flash but I wouldn't get an NIP?
I read on another post that these cameras flash once, jus after a speed change has happened. Is this true?

Thanks in advance!

It could have changed, but the enforcement does not happen immediately. Unless you mis-read the posted speed you should be OK but have 14 days to wait and see (if you are the RK, details correct etc)
Well I guess it's just a waiting game!

I don't like this!!
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