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Full Version: PCN from Harrow Council
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I recently got a PCN from Harrow Council for performing a prohibited turn- n right turn at Gayton Rd Junct Station Rd, at 1829. I was around that area looking for the Maplin Store. I don't travel around the area that much and was unaware of the restriction. All I could see was a maasive turn right signal. I completely missed the no right turn signal, only for buses.

I had seen someone posting for the same PCN, but it was in 2009 and his excuse was that the sign post had been knocked down and the only sign was being covered by some trees. So now, they have removed the island and there are signals at the sides of the road, but none in the middle. Is there any ground to appeal this?


The google maps street view of the location where the error was made

You need to show us all pages of the PCN please.
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