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My Brother has received a few letters regarding a speeding offence and i said to him about using PACE and he's interested.  Below are the details:

1. Was the offence in England or Scotland = England
2. The name of the Constabulary = Essex
3. Date of the offence = 19-Nov-2005
4. Date of the NIP = 23-Nov-2005
5. Date you received the NIP = A Couple of days Later (Not Sure)
6. Was the NIP addressed to you? = Yes
7. Was the NIP sent by first class post, second class or recorded delivery? = First
8. Are you the Registered Keeper of the vehicle concerned (is your name and address on the V5/V5C)? If not then what is your relationship with the vehicle? Yes Registered Keeper
9. Do you hold a UK or foreign driving licence. = UK
10. How many current points do you have? = 0
11. Provide a description of events (if you know what happened) telling us as much about the incident as possible - some things that may seem trivial to you may be important, so don't leave anything out.  Please do not post personal details for obvious reasons. = He does not know what he was doing at time of alleged offence.

Something seems wrong I see no mention of the equipment used, and it just says on page 2 40 MPH has this been taken from a cop car with a vid cam on board and they were guesing the speed or are all pictures taken from speed camera's so fague, there is a fixed speed camera near that location he does not know if it was that that caught him but he does not think so because we live in the area and know the speed camera is there.

I've enclosed all documents sent below:

:!:  I would recommend you remove references to the vehicle's registration number, the date/time and the G148 reference number (and barcode if you feel like it).
References Removed, thankyou.
I note the wording "In order to comply with this requirement you should complete the attached form (page 3).........."
This is incorrect, you do not have to complete their form, you (bro) has to supply the information.

The questions are
Was bro driving - don't answer, but if he was he must name himself.
Is he aiming to fight
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