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Today I may have been caught by speed gun on an urban road in Birmingham. There were 2 police officers in black dress standing at the back of a police car with the gun. 2 police officers were seated in the front of the police car. The car was parked at 40mph zone. The gun was pointing towards the front of the approaching cars. The speed limit is 30mph, just before the 40 mph zone, where they were pointing the gun. My queries:

1. Nobody stopped me, Will they issue NIP with speed gun?

2. The stretch was 30mph with 40mph sign ahead. I may be doing between 38-42mph. Will they issue NIP, if yes what will be the conditional offer?

Thanks in advance.
They would most likely have stopped you at the time if they wanted to.
...but a 14 day wait to see if they send a NIP.

That speed is likely to qualify for an awareness course otherwise 3 points, £100.
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