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Full Version: Friend ignored all council letters
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Have no access to PCNs sorry.

Friend made illegal U-Turn and thought it would be a good idea to ignore all letters. I said to him to appeal which he did which was then rejected.

He for some reason had it in his head to ignore much like the old days of private parking. He has since ignored everything and has had a order of recovery ticket.

This is over the 21 days requested. It also needs an official to witness, I forget the term.

What can/should he do?

There was a misprint on the original PCN but as its so late has he got to wait for letters from the court, pay it or what?

Will try to get pictures.

Pay it

He has no grounds to contest the Order for Recovery without committing perjury

The next step is bailiffs when it starts getting very expensive
Neil B
Gan is correct.

But may I just see the Order for Recovery please.

OR -- if you don't have it with you -- just tell me the date it says you must pay by.

If you post all docs, scrubbed of personal details, their may be an escape, but don't hold your breath.
Your friend has been very foolish and now must face the consequences. If the documents requested are posted further advice can be given, but there is not much hope, really. Best to pay before the bailiffs come round.
Have just received that it wasn't order of recovery it is Statutory Decleration which should have been received by Jan 27th.
Neil B
QUOTE (Josho @ Fri, 14 Feb 2014 - 12:20) *
Have just received that it wasn't order of recovery it is Statutory Decleration which should have been received by Jan 27th.

Yeah but as Gan said, he can't submit it, legally speaking.

The Order for Recovery was the last Council letter he ignored.

Is there actually any viable reason behind your friend deciding to ignore all letters?
Because he's a moron to put it bluntly.

So where does he go from here, await a hearing or just phone the council and hope they let him pay?
There is no hearing

The "hearing" was the process that he ignored and let to the registration of the debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre

If he doesn't pay, at best he'll get a letter from the bailiff
At worst, he'll find his car clamped wherever they find it

My understanding is that there's some nasty legislation coming into play that will let them take any car they find at the address and the owner will have to go to court to get it back
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