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Full Version: PCN code 62 - parking on pavement
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Ive received a PCN with a code of 62 , for parking with 2 wheels on the pavement outide my house.
There is currently a Gas main replacement program going on in the road and the footpatch is closed to pedestrians. The car was parked between 2 holes extending from the house boundary into the road with about 10 ft either end of the car to the fenced off holes.
It was partially parked on the pavement to allow vans to pass down the road and as the pavement is closed was not an obstuction to pedestrians.
There are signs up saying the footpath is closed (by the mains workers) , so if it is closed, would I still be liable for the PCN, or should I appeal ?

I have found in a coy of the civil enforcement handbook it defines :

A footway means a way comprised in a road which also
comprises a carriageway, being a way over which the public
have a right of way on foot only.
A footpath means a highway over which the public have the
right of way on foot only, not being a footway.
Footway parking is allowed where signs and markings officially
authorise them.

so if the footpath is closed, then there may be no public right of way ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Welcome! Sorry that you got no replies yet but that's because you haven't show us both sides of your ticket! We have nothing to go on - have a look at all the other threads with lots of advice and see what info they have shown us to get help. Then see the FAQs 'how to post pictures'.
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