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Hi there, I wonder if you can help...last week I received a PCN for parking on a verge, but the contravention was 'Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours'
I was attending a rugby match and there were in excess of 50-60 cars also parked on the verge (this is where we have always parked and there have never been any issues) My issue is that not all vehicles received a PCN - only some. I took photos of vehicles with and without PCN's and sent them on to the Council to appeal my PCN. I appealed on the following grounds:
1. My vehicle was not causing any obstruction or traffic hazard.
2. Several other vehicles were parked similarly, and some had received a PCN and some had not. I believe that if Wychavon District Council are to apply a policy it should be fair and equitable and non-discriminatory.
3. My husband and I attended the match, and only stayed for the first half as we had our baby with us. We knew we would not stay for the full match due to the inclement weather. We do not have a parking pass for the ground, and were not able to use the park and ride due to needing to leave early. The only option for us was to park along the road which would have caused a traffic hazard (although there are no yellow lines) or to park on the verge which we thought was the most considerate option.
Now, there were signs that were visible, so I am not disputing that. My question is really about the indiscriminate application of a policy - and questioning why the policy was not applied fairly and equitably. Also, I wanted to know whether the contravention itself was the correct contravention on the PCN?
Would appreciate any help...
Many thanks biggrin.gif
Please post the PCN, all sides, with PCN Number and car details blanked out. Leave everything else in. The offence description indicates you were parked adjacent to single or double yellow lines. These apply to the whole road not just the carriageway. You have one appeal ground, namely "Legitimate expectation" as you have regularly parked there to attend a match. You will need to expand on "regularly parked" especially if you get as far as the adjudicators.

Whilst you prepare the PCNs for posting, give us a GSV reference so we can look at the street.
Wychavon District Council

We need to see both sides of that PCN - please read the FAQs 'how to post pictures' and please don't feel it's a good idea to just pay because of the 'bargain' (bribe) of the discount.
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