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Full Version: Adjudicators decision - wider effects
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Good morning all,

looking for one of the brains to look at a decision (6 appeals upheld) to discuss its wider effects. It's about County/Borough relationships, enforcement authorities and formal appeals. If someone can PM me an email address i'll send the info. Suggestion is that appeals are fettered. This affects 5 Borough Councils in one county going back 10/11 years potentially?
Hope you got e response by pm, sounds interesting. smile.gif

A couple SchoolRunMum, have I read about you and some issues with you and unclear enforcement authorities?
Dunno - what do you mean?
That's because it appears that I'm unable to write in English looking back at my reply!

I thought your screen name had appeared before on posts about borough/county relationships or agency agreements? Perhaps I'm mistaken, my wife tells me I am quite regularly :-)
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