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Full Version: I wasn't driving, but don't have driver's name or address!
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I have had a look around the site but I haven't found a case that looks the same as mine.  The details are as follows:

I am currently trying to sell my car and on 20 November a guy came to have a look at it.  I took him out for a quick drive, and I let him drive it the last couple of miles back to my house.

On 28 November a NIP arrived saying my car had been caught doing 35 in a 30 limit.

I know for a fact that I wasn't driving and it was the prospective buyer behind the wheel based on the road and time of offence.

My problem is that the only information I have for this guy is his mobile phone number.  I called him on 29 November and told him what had happened, but (unsurprisingly) he didn't give me his name or address.

All the similar cases i have read about involve not being sure who the driver is - I am 100% sure who it is, I just don't know his name or address - just his mobile phone number.

I've had a look at the 'read this first' thread and so here's all the information:

Offence was in England

Constabulary is Warwickshire Police

Date of offence was 20 November 2005

Date of NIP was 25 November 2005

NIP received 28 November 2005

NIP was addressed to me, sent first class post

I am the registered keeper of the vehicle

I hold a UK driving licence

Currently have 3 points (caught by an unmarked car on M6 in Feb 2005)

Any thoughts or general advice would be much appreciated!


Can you back up the claim that you were selling the car with an advertisement, or something like that?

How did you know the guy was insured? Permitting somebody to drive your vehicle without insurance is also an offence, though there is a defence if it was a condition of him driving the car that he was insured.

If you can back up your claim, then I would write a letter to the police. Say exactly what you have told us, i.e. that you were selling the car, here is the advertisement, and that you have asked the driver for his name and address, but he has not supplied it. Give his number to the police.

Take a photocopy of the form. Then on the original, write "see attached letter" in the space where you are to name the driver. Staple your letter to the form. Photocopy the whole bundle, and send it to the the address for returning the form, optimally by special delivery.
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