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Full Version: When they send out the nip do THEY have to sign it?
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Barking Mad
Hi everyone,

Have just seen a NIP sent to a friend a couple of weeks ago who doesn't use the internet (he showed it me from our conversations about 'legalised theft & extortion).

Cutting to the quick the bit that says "As a person empowered / delegated by the Chief of Police........ " looks okay.

Except for the fact it doesn't have a signature in the box they provide for it themselves!!!

I have had a look at the photocopy of the original NIP they sent me (same force - different opportunity for them to steal and extort money from me {I won't call it an offence because it wasn't one}) and sure enough on mine, the box provided for a signature from them is signed.

Question: Does THEIR failure to sign the NIP invalidate it??? If so, what legislation is relevant and could be called upon in court - looks like this could produce a win and a few smiles (hopefully)
No, Arnold v DPP.
Does it give a name?
Barking Mad
I will have to check this by going back to my  mate's house BUT

If it's the same as mine (which from memory it is), Mine just has a signature without a name. Therefore (subject to checking later by looking at it again) unless the name is printed or written after the bit that says "As a person empowered by the COP, etc....." then there is no name nor signature of ANY person claiming to be so empowered!!!!

(Assuming that this is so) Does this not mean that effectively NO-ONE  has actually asked for the information?????

Any further thoughts?
Barking Mad
Edited and removed - look at the picture below, it explains it better.
Barking Mad
They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is a picture of the relevant prt of my own NIP. My friend's has no signature nor any other way of identifying who sent it.
Is it legal?????

I would say that it does not comply, without some means of identifying who the author is. However, in order to exploit it, you have to take the risk of not supplying, and defend the inevitable S172 prosecution on that basis.
Many insurance companies treat S172 (MS90) points worse than speeding (SPX0).
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