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Full Version: what info. does my wife legally have to supply to court ?
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I suppose the basic question is "Does my wife legally have to supply info. about my income" ?

Red Kev 01
Your post is a little vague, what, where and when did this happen and more importantly what speed? Has she asked to see calibration certificates etc?, and all incriminating evidence? Please elaborate!!!!!!!!
The only way you get to see the evidence or a chance to contest any witness statement is to plead not guilty. There is no such plea as 'conditionally guilty'! The only merit in pleading guilty is the possibility of a slightly lower fine.

At 97 this would automatically go to court - it may even be that attendance at court could be required by the magistrates even with a guilty plea (unlikely but still possible).
You continue to post in a misleading way. Please be very careful about your facts before you post. If you are not sure about something, ask a question.
E.g. is she entitled to see the calibration certificates?

No, she is not entitled to see any evidence against her unless she pleads not guilty. Then all the evidence against her must be disclosed at least 7 days prior to trial.

Of course, if she saw the evidence and decided it was conclusive against her, she would be quite entitled to change her plea to 'guilty' before the hearing and still get some credit for this.

Encourage her not to feel afraid of court. It is not like Bleak House - more like your local dentist surgery. There aren't usually that many people there and the dress is not outlandish, on the whole.

I would plead 'not guilty' and demand a copy of the entire video of the session.

I'm unsure about the means form. As far as I know this is only used to reduce fines in hardship cases, not to increase them for the wealthy. Additionally, if you go in person, it is not necessary to send it in advance - you can bring it with you instead. This has the advantage that if you win, nobody need see the information.
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