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Full Version: 36 in a 30 Speed Camera (NOIP)
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Hello all.

I have a camera fine just landed, of a recorded speed of 36 in a 30 mph zone.

Can i assume that this is cut and dry? Or is it worth writing for leniency?

Apologies for the naivity, but i'm a little peeved of the ticket at 36 in a 30....

Thanks for any help everyone

You qualify for a SAC if you've not done one in the last three years and the offence wasn't in Scotland.
Thank you for your fast reply.
May i ask what a SAC is? and how i proceed in getting a SAC?
Again, apologies for the naieity
You name the driver, the get offered a speed awareness course. No points, no fine but it does cost a fee to attend.
Normal enforcement usually starts at 35mph. They don't offer leniency I'm afraid...
Thank you very much,
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