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Full Version: PTR "Deal"
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At my PTR on Wednesday, the CPS agreed to drop the 172 charge in return for changing my plea to guilty for speeding (40 in a 30 limit). Went up before the Mags & was fined £75, 3 points & £100 costs.

I wanted the speeding charge dropped not the 172, but the crafty CPS know mags will convict anyway & there's no appeal in the system for speeding as far as I know.

Anyway, on the way home I drove past the spot where the mobile camera caught me speeding. I stopped & decided to roughly measure the distance between the lamposts in the 30mph zone! They're different lengths. I've got a good mind to return to the spot & accurately measure these distances, but if you've already done a "deal" & had one charge dropped to plead guilty to another, can you then appeal on the one you pleaded guilty on?

If so chaps, is there a time limit to get the appeal in (assuming the lamposts are not 200 yards apart).
I believe that they merely have to be "no more than 200meters apart".
If the road has been changed from a higher limit then you might try to check that the Traffic Order to change it to a "restricted road" was applied correctly.
BTW, what was the point in accepting the deal if the sole purpose of not signing the NIP was to prevent evidence of the speeding charge being used against you ?
I can appreciate that it may be a bit scary being confronted with the full weight of the legal establishment.
If you were going to fold at that point I think the speeding was the better one to take - the insurance companies don't seem to like S172 comvictions, but I guess if Idris wins his appeal these costs might be recoverable for those who have "sacrified" themselves for the cause and lost.

Like Lunascope says, if the lights are less than 200yds apart you have an automatic 30mph limit.
If they're more than 200yds apart (unlikely in a built up area) you need limit repeaters.
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