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Full Version: Missing Info On Parking Ticket
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Hi, This is my first post so bear with me if I go astray.

I received a SCN in Wakefield for failure to pay a parking fee, my fault and was a genuine error as i thought the charging finished at17:00 and not 18:00 I know I should have checked but an error on my part. However; I received a SCN on my return to the vehicle, and as you see from the scan it was printed out on an angle and part of it is not printed includig a legible heading for "standard charge notice" and also the info regarding the relevant road traffic regulation is partly missing.

The scan shows it exactly as it is, I have notmoved it or omitted anything. So I made an error in not paying as i should have, but can the council still enforce an erroron their ticketing? Hope someone can enighten me.
Exiled Yorkshireman
Reverse too please
what the hell is a standard charge?
Presumably the charge under the parking places order.
Mad Mick V
This is an ECN not a PCN. Wakefield has not signed up to Civil Enforcement.

No adjudicator, no discount, next step is Mags Court.

Usual advice is to pay up.

I understand that there is no ajudication or appeal but my question is: Due to the summons being printed off by the council and missing part of the ECN document, is it still legal in court. The scan is exactly how it is, with part of the relevant road traffic act missing.
The relevant question is - why wouldn't it be "legal" in court? It's just a notice informing you of the charge and has none of the strict requirements of a PCN. If you're guilty of the contravention I'd advise paying up.
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