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Full Version: Euro Parking using the F word
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Saw this on a wee card, in a plastic wallet, taped and stapled to the Customer Services desk instore at Sainsburys Horsham.

Note the "F" Word!!!!!!

Its a barrier controlled car park run by Euro and pretty much dedicated to Sainsburys, although folk often park in there and go offsite into the town..

Not sure whether the car park actually belongs to the store or not.

Asked the lass on the desk whether the card was something produced by Sainsburys or whether it was supplied by Euro, to which she indicated the latter.

the appalling level grammar makes it plain who wrote it
level grammar

Congratulations. You have just achieved a distinction in your PPC operative exam! tongue.gif
Time to resurrect Bargepole's famous letter to Sainsburys:-

"Dear Sirs,

I recently visited your newly-opened High Wycombe store, and very nice it is too.

However, I feel I must have missed some news bulletins recently, because when I drove into the car park there, I noticed signs saying that if drivers parked in the disabled bays without a blue badge, they would be "fined" £50. The same condition applied to parent & child bays.

Now as any clued up person knows, fines can only be issued by the Courts, Police, or local Councils. For a private company to claim to be able to fine someone, would be a contravention of Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.

I can only assume, therefore, that since these signs must have been approved by some legal top bananas in Sainsbury's, and they clearly wouldn't want to be committing fraudulent acts, that J Sainsbury has recently passed into public ownership and is now a sub-division of the Ministry of Agriculture or some such government organisation.

Please could you confirm this?"
Our sainsburys still has the word fine covered up on disabled bay signs
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