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Full Version: Euro car parks letter before claim
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Pete P
A friend of mine has received a letter before claim from Control Account Plc on behalf of ECP. It relates to either one or two visits to a Sainsbury's in which he was a customer but did not pay and display in the car park. The parking is £1 for an hour and if you spend £10 or more in store you get this refunded, he did spent more than £10 but never bothered getting a ticket or having it refunded and he doesn't have the receipts. The parking events were many months ago but both post-POFA.

He has not communicated with ECP or CA Plc, although they managed to get his mothers telephone number from the directory a while ago and harassed her for a while until I told her to tell them not to contact her again about it.

What are the chances he will actually get a court claim through and what should he do now?
Look here.

Firstly, you either continue to ignore and defend the claim should they attempt or pay them. We don't usually recommend the latter.

Secondly, you should chase the principal. Start with the supermarket as a 'genuine customer' - check for sure that ECP have an appropriate contract to operate for example.

(you as in your friend)
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