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Full Version: RedSpeed At CrossRoads - Will It Capture All Directions? - Please help
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Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help.

Edit: Also to add, I did not see any flashes (they say it takes 3 images/flashes, so I surely would have seen a flash as this was at 11PM at night). Also, on the RedSpeed site, it says: Up to 4 Traffic Signal Enforcement per system (non-UK only). Surely that means, it can only handle a maximum of either 1, 2 or 3 traffic signals in the UK. In which case, it would make sense to handle the 2 main road traffic signals rather than side roads.

I have listed below images of the scene with a description of each image. The basic summary of it is; I am at a cross roads, there is one RedSpeed camera far away on the main road, I'm coming out of the McDonalds side road and turning right (so once I've completed my turn, my back will be towards the camera). I do not see any lines on the road at this side road nor anywhere along the turn, the only place I see lines is essentially 1 metre away from the camera, on the main road at the set of lights that the camera is next to.

It was an extremely stupid lapse of concentration on my part and I am extremely worried. My question is: Would the camera, being as far away as it is, and considering there does not seem to be lines on the road (please check pics, I may be wrong?), catch me if I'm turning right from a side road into the main road. Or would it really only catch the main road traffic going each direction.

Image 1: (Right under the camera, showing the whole crossroad view. I am coming out of the McDonalds side road and then turning right from there, same direction as that big Silver car in the distance.

Image 2: (At the side road's white/stop line, showing no lines on the road near that white line, and the camera unable to be seen (so it surely can't take a picture if I pass that white line?)

Image 3: (Birds eye view, showing the yellow RedSpeed on the left, the side road I came out of at the bottom, and I turned right from there towards the A71).

Image 4: (closer look at the road, I'm coming out of the side road into the main road to eventually drive the opposite direction of that Aston Martin. I see what looks to be maybe an induction loop on the far right of the picture, but not sure if this would be aimed at the side road traffic? As if I'm turning right, I may have not even passed over it.

Furthermore, if I'm turning right, considering the angle my car would be in while passing over, would the RedSpeed even be able to get my registration plate?
The Rookie
It only measure the going away from it lane, no others.
QUOTE (The Rookie @ Mon, 23 Sep 2013 - 06:44) *
It only measure the going away from it lane, no others.


Thanks for the reply!

Would it not be able to catch be unless I started from the start of the lane till the end then? Because technically, I was driving on the lane that is going away from it, I just started on the lane in the middle of the intersection meaning this should have been past the embedded Piezo Sensor.

Anyone else maybe have an input? Really appreciate the help.
The Rookie
If you joined after the sensor, it won't even know you're there.
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