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Full Version: Insurance (or lack of it)
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We've Just returned from honeymoon in Scotland... a drive of 400+ miles which we travelled in my wifes car.

We returned to a letter from my wifes insurance company stating her insurance expired on the 20th (Im a named driver on her insurance)
She was aware that the insurance was due, but thought it expired on the 22nd (!) and she spoke to her insurers the week before last to say that she would be renewing but as we were on honeymoon she would sort the details when we returned...

Ive checked the MID and the car is indeed showing as uninsured, so given the fact that we've travelled over 400 miles past god knows how many ANPR cameras there is a good chance that somewhere along the line our reg has been flagged up as "uninsured".

So... a few of questions really.
I would assume that when a camera picks up the reg number, the process starts which results in a letter asking us to state who was driving and prove we were insured?

How up to date is the Police database? Is it a direct link to the MID? I seem to recall something about the police updating their records every 14 days, in which case is there a chance that as far as their records show its still insured? I may be completely wrong on this though...
We passed a number of Police vehicles on the way, and no attempt was made to stop us. Does this mean anything?

Assuming the worst, and we get the letter we dread, am I right in thinking that If I had been driving then there would not only be a prosecution against me for no insurance, but also against her for allowing her car to be used? But if it was her driving then just her in the frame?

Long shot this I suppose... I'm aware that there are no "days grace" with insurance, but as she had spoken to them and told them she intended to renew, will they "back date" the insurance so we can prove cover?

The Rookie
It's unlikely you'll hear anything, ANPR checks for insurance will almost always only result in an immediate stop.

Try getting the renewal backdated, but I wouldn't recommend making a big thing of it.
Just renew and sit tight.

I don't think the fixed ANPR cameras do anything about insurance, as if they did, surely there wouldn't be 1.2 million uninsured cars on the road wink.gif

If the worst comes to the worst, you would likely get special reasons not to endorse because you believed what your wife told you about the expiry date, and it is reasonable to do so.
QUOTE (norris @ Sun, 22 Sep 2013 - 20:48) *
will they "back date" the insurance so we can prove cover?

Something similar happened with Mrs Warwick's insurance - we had requested that the insurance auto-renew, but the instruction wasn't actioned. When we received a "your policy has expired" letter from her insurers and phoned up in a panic, the operative told us that as long as we renewed within 7 days of the policy lapsing it would be continuous cover (ie 'backdated' to policy lapse).


Have you actually spoken to your insurer, not that I agree with it but most policies seem to be on an auto renew basis these days unless they are specifically told otherwise.

As already said I really don't think you will have any anpr issues, I would be more concerned about unwittingly driving around uninsured for 2 days and the possible consequences of an accident on your trip, speak to your ins co.
Thanks for the replies.

Sounds promising.
We cant speak to the insurers until 9am, so hopefully all will be sorted then.

The fact that we drove 400 miles uninsured scares the hell out of me to be honest.
Just thankful that nothing happened on the way.
Car was in a locked compound until we picked it up this morning (boating holiday) so it was only today, still bad enough though!

Thanks again for all the helpful responses, i'm not as worried about the ANPR thing now, and hopefully insurance company can sort it.

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