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Full Version: Parking eye taking me to court
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Hey I'm looking for help! I have posted in the past about receiving number it's letter from parking eye and then county court papers! I sent off my defence statement and have now receieved their defence pack with pictures of notices and that they have the right to fine me and this taking me to court! I parked on the range car park in St. Helens which I now know it is owed by tesco and had colliers as a managing company! Parking eye has a contract with them!

I just don't know what will happen next and what I should do! Can anyone plead help?


Bearing in mind the above thread I can't see PE turning up for a hearing over this site. But you never know. Has a date been confirmed yet and your local court allocated?
hey i have since recieved a N180 Directions questionnaire form to fill and return, i have also recieved a copy of parking eyes filled in N180 form they have stated they do not wish to the case being referred to the small claims mediation service, that they agree that the small claims track is appropiate.

i dont know what to enter on my N180 form and what will happen next please can some one assist and guide me please. i only have a short time to return the form 20th september.
Have they provided a witness statement from Colliers ?

And 20 September was 4 days ago
no i haven't. Since i recieved the court form and have since filed my defence statement, i have only recieved a pack from them with their defence against and that they are going to continue the court proceedings, now i have recieved an N180 form and a copy of thiers.

Sorry meant 30th september in last post!

On the N180 you tick no to mediation if you don't want that

You enter your local court as that is where the hearing will be held

Did you get a letter before action ?
i recieved two parking charge notices, 2 letters from debt recovery plus ltd threating that as i have not paid the monies owed parking eye have instructed them to recover the money. then the last one before the court claim form was another from debt recovery plus ltd Notice of intended litigation. (is this the one you mean??)
Ok , complete your N180 ,
I will send you a PM
Oh right ok, i will complete the form now!

Thank you so much for your help.
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