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Full Version: Speeding camera malfunction
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essentially I was driving along an unfamiliar street today where one camera appears to cover all four lanes of traffic in both directions simultaneously and I believe my car triggered the camera even though i was travelling at 29MPH in a 30MPH zone and was not even on the grid!

Has any one else had experience of these cameras or cameras triggering when you are not on the grid?
I wouldn't worry - you are unlikely to hear anything.

It may have been set off from traffic in the opposite direction?
The Rookie
Was probably containg a dummy flash unit, these are set to go off very aggresively to worry people, no camera involved.

Never seen a Gatso speed camera exceeding the limit though, rather immobile usually!
Why should you think your car triggered the camera when you were a) not speeding and b) not on the grid? More likely another vehicle altogether.
Post again if you actually receive something.
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