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Full Version: DVLA Late Licensing Penalty
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I'm a newbie so any help is very much appreciated!

So this is my story which I would like help and comments on..

I normally TAX my car every year for 12 months. Anyway I changed address and as I didn't get the reminder I didn't tax my car, I know this is my fault and BTW I have tax disc's going back 6 years.

In early 2013 I was parked outside my friends house and a DVLA road tax van stopped, clamped me (while I'm inside the car) and made me pay a release fee of about £100 to £150 ish to remove the camp and I had to leave a £100 deposit to make sure I pay my tax.

On the Monday morning I went to the DVLA at Boreham Wood, North London and proceeded to paid for; missing tax for 4 months, and I renewed the 12 month car tax which is now due to finish April 2014. The DVLA then submitted a claim to have my deposit refunded, which did come through without any issues.

At the same time I also sent off my log book to have the keepers address updated with my new address as I moved again, as my house had finished being renovated.

Today, 30th Aug I receive a letter from Collectica Enforcement Services informing me that I have a Late Licensing Penalty imposed by the DVLA. I've had not other letters from anyone before this.

I've called the DVLA this afternoon and they couldn't give me a reason for the LLP other than I taxed my car late, but as you can hopefully see from above, I've already paid the back tax and renewed until 2014. He said I should write to them explaining this.

I've also called Collectiva, and they have told me that they are only told by the DVLA to collect the fine not what its for.

So my question to anyone who can help.

Do I have to paid? Should I appeal? If so on what grounds? Shouldn't I have received something from the DVLA before them handing it to Collectica?

Any suggested appreciated.

The Late Licensing Penalty is fairly normal for a lengthy delay in licencing your car, (4 months). The clamp release fee is extra to make sure the clampers get paid, basically. How much is the penalty ? Of course, every civil servant and council official is busy trying to screw more money out of the motorist, it is the scam of the age, but there you are. I don't think you have been dealt with unfairly, really, as you changed address without arranging for mail to be forwarded, or so it seems from your tale of woe.
That's a shame, I was hoping for something along the lines of.....

you dont have to pay under section XXX!

Thanks for the reply.
The Rookie
Have you updated the V5C yet, not doing so is a seperate offenc as well........
Yes I have updated everything now.
Not realising your TAX is 4 months out of date is very slack to be honest. Not much chance of swerving the LLP as the DVLA will just keep nibbling away at you even if you are in the right.

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