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I had parked my car in a parking bay and paid for by phone until 12:38. I arrived to remove my car at 12:40 or 12:41 while noticed the CEO in the process of issuing the PCN. As I arrived he told me that the PCN is issued and I should not attempt to drive off. He had put the empty plastic bag on the screen and started taking photos before the slip came out and put under the wiper. I did not argue and left. When I checked the photos online the first photo was taken at 12:41 with the empty bag on the screen. However the PCN is issued at 12:42. I appealed on two grounds first that I had arrived within the observation period of three minutes but was prevented to leave. Secondly the CEO had indeed deceived me by pretending that the PCN was already issued and I used the time on the first photograph as proof. The appeal has been rejected on the basis that 12:42 is four minutes after the expiry, photographing the vehicle starts before issuing the PCN and driving off does not mean that PCN will not be issued. Do I have any grounds to make a formal representation. My fundamental argument here is that I arrived within the good time to remove the car but was deceived by CEO to beleive that the PCN has already been issued and the photograph timed 12:41 proves my point.
Thanks for you help
did the ceo get a photo of the pcn on your windscreen?
how were you prevented from leaving?
As soon as I arrived he took a photo. On the website this photo is timed 12:41 with the empty plastic cover on the windscreen. At 12:42 he printed out the PCN and put on the windscreen and then took photos at 12:42 to 12:45.
When I arrived and wanted to move away, he basically deceived me by telling that I am already overdue and the PCN has been issued and there is no reason moving. He kept telling me not to worry and that I can now park as long as I want until Monday morning, it was a Saturday.
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