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Full Version: PCN and Tow - Grounds for Appeal?
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Miguel Sanchez
Was visiting my brother-in-law in North London on Saturday; I was collecting something on my way through to Essex. Unfortunately his driveway was full so I parked on a single yellow outside of his house. I don't believe that this was an offence in itself as a couple of other cars had parked further up the road. Shortly after arriving I looked out of the window and my car had vanished! It transpired that it had been towed following receiving a PCN for being 'parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath...'. I had parked with 2 wheels on the path - this seemed like the more sensible option given the large width of the path and that the road I was parked on was a single lane. After finding out my car had been towed I had to pay the £55 PCN and a £200 release fee. All very harsh in my opinion, particularly seeing as the PCN was issued at 1601hrs and the car towed at 1605hrs - do I have grounds for appeal here? I'm aware that a PCN must be attached to the vehicle or issued to the owner prior to the car being towed - do the council have to provide proof of this? - and I do feel that a 4 minute turnaround from ticket to removal is a particularly bitter pill to swallow considering I was only stopping at my brother-in-law's for a few minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you want help from the experts on here then you need to post scans of ALL the documentation you received when taking your car from the pound.

Read the FAQs on how to do this.

From my limited knowledge on towing charges you don't really have anything to lose so might as well appeal anyway biggrin.gif

Others will help more.
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