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Full Version: PCN for Yellow Box Junction - Wembley
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I was hoping that someone could help me. I received the attached PCN in May and made representation to the council on the grounds that the second photograph does not show the line of traffic moving away and the time between the photographs being taken was 6 seconds. I am only clipping the corner of the box. I received a reply at the end of July stating that Brent Council will not be cancelling the PCN after viewing the video evidence (which I have requested, but am waiting for).

I am a bit clueless in how to proceed to be honest. I am now over their two week period for paying the reduced cost as the letter, although dated 16th July, did not arrive until 24th July (I believe they have backdated the letter). The letter seems quite generic and parts of it are duplicated.

Do I have any grounds to contest this with the Adjudicator?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I dont know if it will be of any help now as you've already made representations and been knocked back, but I was caught in a box by Brent in April. Here is the thread:


Someone will be along soon with some knowledgeable advise, I guess you'll have to appeal. I think the timing is good though as TFL is under some fire from the media over this sort of thing at the moment, it can only help.

Good luck
That's really helpful. Thanks Benjybobs! They've got the date for payment correct on this one...hopefully the rest will be enough.
We need to see the letter/notice of rejection and your reps.

I don't have my representation, but here is the letter of rejection which came two months after I sent my representation.

Any help appreciated.


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How long were you stopped ? 5 seconds can be considered to be de minimis and appeals have succeeded on this. 10 seconds, though, you're dead. They have offered the discount again in their letter, so its up to you, pay £65 or fight them for the £130, basically double-or-quits, but you have blanked out the date of the letter. Are you still within the discount period ?
I am within the date that I received it - but that was 8 days after the date on the letter. There are 6 seconds between the two photos. I have asked to view the video footage as I believe that the traffic was moving away (which is not shown on the photo).I still have not got access to this.
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