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Full Version: Summons....worried
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I received the prosecution notice about 5 months after the incident along with a sheet explaining I may be eligible for a course if I was under 2.9 for the light (run a red light by 1.5 sec) As it had been so long, I used the template to ask about it being dropped. I also filled in liability on form and sent it back. Police replied stating they had sent the original notice out within 14 days but it had gone to my old address. They would then let me know what would be happening. I spoke to an officer who assured me that I would get a choice of fixed penalty with fine or attend a course. One month on I receive a court summons stating I get fine, points and court costs.
I am very worried that it seems to have escalated to this point. I spent most of the day speaking with different police officers who all agreed that courses are offered and that there is no reason I shouldn't be offered one. Managed to get through to summons people, who said same thing.
She suggested it may be because its automated and runs on specific time frames and because its now been so long since the incident, it's naturally going up court.

I would rather not go to court, obviously! Is there anything I can do to get on the course now?
Courses are entirely at the discretion of the police, so it is no use talking to other organisations about them, in particular courts cannot offer a course, except for drink-driving. I doubt you will get the police to offer you a course at this late stage, unless the case goes to court and the prosecution agree to adjourn the case for a period to allow you to complete the course. That is an unusual but possible procedure.

Why did the notice go to your old address, had you failed to update your details with the DVLA?
The course is gone and can't be resurrected. They usually have to be completed within 4 months of the offence. Can you confirm what you received and when as these circumstances often come with a s172 charge (failing to notify driver). What's on the summons?

But now it's gone to court (you can submit a postal guilty plea) you might be able to argue to a fixed penalty equivalent sentence.

See page 189 here. A fixed penalty would have normally been offered but you had difficulties unrelated to the offence itself it seems. Nothing to lose in pointing out these guidelines. At court it's still 3 points but the fine will be more (income related) and costs of around £80 on top along with a victim surcharge (10% of the fine, min £20). Hopefully, they'll accept the guidelines instead.
Thanks so far.
I'm still waiting on a call from the Summons peeps who are contacting the ticket office.
I've been totally muddled about this red light. The picture looks similar to my car and you can see the number plate but it's a street I know i don't drive on (I usually have set routes to get to places!) I've retraced my steps using Twitter etc and now know that I was at a friends house the night before. His fiance has now said that he drove my car to her house around the time of the incident then I went back home which is over an hour away. Totally different routes and would have taken us nowhere near that area. I am confused as to why my plates have been seen on a similar car. I am really worried about this. I know it couldn't have been me now and it's a relief to get confirmation from two others but what about the other car??
This will a tough and dangerous route to pursue - you knew and admitted being the driver several months ago, but now seem to be sure it wasn't you. This is a reverse of what usually happens (as memories usually fade with time). Given this is a simple read light offence, to run this defence will be very risky and expensive vs a fairly small fine and a few points. Have you asked this other driver what his/her recollection is and whether s/he will admit to anything?

How many points do you have currently?
The thlot pickens - any other minor details you've forgotten? tongue.gif

You need to assist by answering some of the questions already posed.
Surely you knew the name of the street on which this occurred from the documentation before you saw the photo? Could it have been your friend's fiancé who was driving at the time? It is to be honest very unlikely it was a similar car to your carrying your number plates but not actually your car. Far more likely that you have forgotten exactly where you went after a lapse of five months.
I admitted liability as the road in question (East Lancs Road) is one I do travel so I presumed I must have been in the car. Looking at the photo I know I don't travel on that particular part of the road and would have no reason to.
My friend drive the car with me in it to his finances house, thru say it was around the time the photo was taken.
I spoke to a solicitor this afternoon and he said either say it was me and take the hit or tell the truth but they may not believe me and I'll get a bigger fine
It seems to me that there can be no certainty about who was driving, you do not appear to remember your friend jumping the lights any more than travelling the road with your friend driving or driving yourself. Your friend has not actually admitted jumping the lights. Withdrawing your nomination of yourself as driver at this stage will be difficult and lead to a suspicion that you are trying it on. I think you might be best to leave that aspect alone and accept you were driving, as you have previously told the police. No court is likely to accept that a car identical to yours with cloned plates the same as yours happened to be in the same area as you, and at a time that you were also there.
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