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Full Version: 102 in a 70
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evening all... nearly 2 months ago the scenario is as follows ... leave home in west sussex and hit the dual carriageway a 70 zone 2 mins later ... approaching second roundabout and pass 2 cars and a motorbike ... obviously i reduced my speed for the RAB but with the way its layed out not by too much .. visibility to the right is good and no -one even near to approach and possibly be there for me to Tbone.. exit RAB still briefly a 70 zone then drops to 60 .. and here apparently i'm doing 85 ... bout quarter mile and it drops to 50 and i'm doing 76 apparently.. then shortly after a set of lights on a major xroad...a red light and i stop... to my right almost as if by magic a cop on a bike who suggests i pull over... duly did after the junction...

eventually informed me an unmarked had recorded 102 in a 70, 85 in 60 and 76 in a 50... i directly asked bike or car unmarked? and was refused an answer... just unmarked came reply .. is that the norm
bright sunny and dry day at 10 am ish almost no traffic bar the 3 i passed
no summons as yet

can i look forward to dangerous charge?
3 speeding offenses?
or taking the worst on which would be 102?

generally get the idea though i'm looking at a ban possibly??

and as username suggests i was on a bike

i've had fixed penalties before for minor speeding offences and been on a course awareness
You really need sgtdixie's take on this but my guess is that would proceed on one speeding offence only, probably the 102 in a 70. Either that or the 76 in a 50 would normally merit a summons rather than a fixed penalty. Probably 102 in a 70 would attract 6 points rather than a short disqualification, the idea being to get your attention for three years rather than a fortnight. In England speed alone is rarely enough for a DD conviction, and would be for much higher speeds.
If it was me I would summons for the 102 and include the other speeds in my statement to act as gravity factors. Ordinarily 102 in a 70 won't see an automatic ban these days, but the continuing nature of the incident suggests a willful disregard for speed limits which may influence the bench to give a ban.

Despite what one contributor says on here, you should not be summonsed for 3 separate speeding offences.
QUOTE (speedybiker @ Wed, 3 Jul 2013 - 18:11) *
... to my right almost as if by magic a cop on a bike ....

You might want to edit this bit.
QUOTE (IanJohnsonWS14 @ Fri, 5 Jul 2013 - 08:09) *
QUOTE (speedybiker @ Wed, 3 Jul 2013 - 18:11) *
... to my right almost as if by magic a cop on a bike ....

You might want to edit this bit.

You say this, but I've had it where two police motorcycles appeared from nowhere after I crossed a junction slightly late when the lights changed.

I'm normally very aware of my surroundings, but to this day I don't know where they came from!
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