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Full Version: Mobile Speed Camera Question
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Hi Guys,

My Uncle got a ticket in the post, which he received whilst driving northbound on the M1. It was my understanding (maybe I am wrong) that speed cameras had to be identified and there had to be warning signs in order for them to be legal?

He is sure it wasn't in the speed restricted zone but north of that, and it was from a Police van situated on the bridge above, so there was no warning given?

Does he have a claim? I can get more details if you need them.

Thanks in advance!

No warnings are needed for the police to detect an offence, is the simplest way to put it. The detector van does not need to be clearly seen and no sign is required to show they are operating. The police can use their detection equipment when ever and where ever they want. And, strictly speaking, he doesn't have a claim - of any sort.

Sometimes it is worth writing/e-mailing to the police ticket office and ask for "any photos that might help identify the driver" (don;t ask for "proof" or "evidence") and keep it that simple. They may send some happy snaps back that might show some problem but it may also show a good detection.

What speed was alleged and what was the speed limit in force at the time? There may be a chance of a speed awareness course if the the speed is no more than LIMIT_mph+10%+9mph.

The Rookie
The Police don't put up signs warning burglars they may be arrested for burglary......
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