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Full Version: bus lane fine help wanted
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Hi All,

Advice would be great here.

my council have a bus lane 4-7 i got caught in it at 4:03

however, you are forced by this bus lane to drive in the lane for right turn only - the lights system allows one car to pass at a time so causes traffic..

i approached the end of the bus lane on barlow moor road, didsbury - approaching the lights, and moved in to the end of the bus lane to proceed through the lights.. i did not travel down the bus lane, i merely cut in to the end of it.

do i have any grounds for appeal.. it is obvious its a bus lane, although it only tells you sign wise at the start and end i believe.

map location..,,0,-6.72

to be clear i cut in at the end in order to proceed forwards as lane is right turn only
do i need to add anything else?
Such a nice part of the world. PCN, please, all of it, scrubbed.
hope this is ok, i dont have great equipment for photos!

where is the part about viewing cctv?

(5) A penalty charge notice must state—
(a)the registration mark of the vehicle involved in the alleged contravention;
(b)the detection date and the time at which the alleged contravention occurred;
©the reasons why the authority believe that a penalty charge is payable;
(d)the amount of the penalty charge;
(e)that the penalty charge must be paid before the end of the 28 day period;
(f)that if the penalty charge is paid before the end of the period of 14 days beginning with the date of service of the notice, the penalty charge will be reduced by one half;
(g)that representations may be made, on any of the statutory grounds of appeal, to the authority against the imposition of the penalty charge but that representations made outside the 28 day period may be disregarded;
(h)what are the statutory grounds of appeal;
(i)the postal address to which representations are to be sent;
(j)any electronic mail address or FAX number to which representations may be sent as an alternative to the postal address;
(k)that if at the end of the 28 day period—
(i)no representations have been made; and
(ii)the penalty charge has not been paid,
the authority may increase the penalty charge by a half and take steps to enforce payment of the charge as so increased;
(l)the manner in which the penalty charge may be paid;
(m)that if the representations are rejected an appeal may be made on any of the statutory grounds of appeal may be made to an adjudicator in respect of a penalty charge; and
(n)that the recipient may, by notice in writing to the authority, request them—
(i)to make available at an office of theirs specified by him, free of charge and at a time during normal office hours so specified, for viewing by him and by his representative (if any), the record of the contravention produced by the approved device pursuant to which the penalty charge was imposed; or
(ii)to provide him, free of charge, with such still images from that record as, in the authority’s opinion, establish the contravention.
ah my bad.. its on the back

Your 28 days were up yesterday. I would get on the phone tomorrow, eat humble pie, and pay it. Even now, if you can. Unless you have issues with the signage.
on gsv 958 advance is missing, thats about it, really.

correction, its there.

I would pay it.
i asked them to hold off and i have until 1st week in july so im within time at the moment
QUOTE (roken @ Thu, 27 Jun 2013 - 00:03) *
i asked them to hold off and i have until 1st week in july so im within time at the moment

You rang them? Forget it. One never rings a council. Deemed date of service was 29th - allowing for weekend and 27th Bank Holiday. Pay it.

You must fill us in on all details. Why have they allowed you verbally to extend? Only phone to pay - never to discuss a PCN. And record it.
i havent called... i emailed to say i intend on appealing but due to hospitalisation required time... they sent a copy of the letter and a tribunal form
I don't know if I followed the correct bus lane, but it ends quite some distance from the traffic lights, just before the bus stop, in fact, so I can't see why you drove into it. Unless you have viewed pics or video, this looks a hard one to appeal, but if they have allowed you to, then go ahead.
i went in to it at the end of the bus lane, because it was rush hour on the route out of a business park and the lights only allow one car through at a time and as the place you in a right turn only lane i cut over to go straight forward.

looks like i will have to pay though, but it seems like it has been designed to do this..
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