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Full Version: Special Reasons No Penalty Points
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I was stopped last year and issued a ticket for driving without insurance. I thought I was insured as I had paid my insurance in full, however somehow in error my insurance policy had got dated to start one month later.

I took the matter to court where I pleaded guilty and argued special reasons, the Judge accepted this and I did not get any penalty points and only got a small fine of £50.

Since this happened I have moved insurance company and I called my insurance company up to advise them of this driving offence, however they said it will not effect my policy as the offence does not appear on my licence, even though I had pleaded guilty.

I was just wondering if anyone had experience of this as I don't want to find myself in the situation where the insurance company may decline a future claim.

If you've declared it to them, and can prove it, you're good.
Drop the insurance company a letter if you did this by phone, saying something like "I am writing to confirm the telephone conversation with your representative on xx/xx/xx during which I was informed that the traffic offence of "no insurance" for which I appeared in xxxxxxxxxxx Magistrates' Court on xx/xx/xx does not effect my policy with you as although I pleaded guilty to the offence the court accepted that special reasons not to endorse my licence existed in my case and therefore did not give me any penalty points, as a result of which the offence does not appear on my driving licence."

Keep a copy and get a postage receipt.
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